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3.01 -- Game Postponement. The decision to postpone games before the game commences will be made by the league Commissioner, the President, or the Director of Player Selection in his absence. After commencement of games, the decision will be made by the umpires. Appropriate time must be allowed from the time the game is stopped before the game is terminated by the umpires.

3.02 -- Rain Delays. In the event of a rain delay during the first game, that game will be completed, if possible and, if necessary, the second game will be rescheduled.

3.03 -- Rescheduled Games. All rescheduled games will be played the following Saturday or as approved by the league Commissioner.

3.04 -- Shortened Games. Games shortened by the time limit shall be regulation, regardless of the number of innings played.

3.05 -- Called Games. Games called before they become regulation shall be declared "no contest" and shall be played in their entirety.

3.06 -- Protests. All protests for regular league play will follow official rules for the affiliated baseball or softball league (Dixie Youth, Tee Ball Baseball, for instance), except that the written protest will be submitted to the league Commissioner or President with a protest fee of $25.00. In order for the protest to be timely filed, it must be filed within 48 hours and accompanied by the $25.00. Said protest fee will be refunded if the protest is found in favor of the protesting team.

(a) Protest Committee. The protest committee will consist of the league Commissioner (unless there is a conflict) and two Managers from other leagues to be chosen by the league Commissioner. An appeal of the protest committee's decision shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors by the team Manager or the acting team Manager, within 48 hours of notice of the protest committee's decision. The decision of the Board of Directors is final, unless the decision is appealable to the affiliating organization.

3.07 -- Illegal Players. Any team playing an illegal player by age, whether intentional or unintentional, shall forfeit every game in which said player played, notwithstanding the 48 hour protest rule. All other illegal substitutions or illegal players, upon the utilization of the procedure established in Rule 3.06 above will result in the forfeiture of that one game.

3.08 -- Penalty for Violation of Participation Rule. A winning team in violation of the participation rule will forfeit the game in question if properly protested. A losing team will forfeit its next winning game.

Note: Any Manager (or Coach acting as Manager) found to be in violation of this rule for a second time during the course of a season shall automatically be suspended from managing any further that year unless and until reinstated by majority vote of the Board of Directors. In any case the Manager in question will not be eligible to Manage or Coach in any post season tournaments.

Tournament Exception: This rule does not apply to tournaments and games that are held outside the NEP league schedule. In such instances, tournament rules apply.

3.09 -- Determining League Champion. Teams will play a split season with the winner of the first half playing the winner of the second half (two out of three) for the league championship.

3.10 -- Sportsmanship. While the Board recognizes that Managers and Coaches will make mistakes in their handling of situations on occasion and that the heat of the moment will evoke strong reactions to on-the-field conditions, the Board will not provide implicit or explicit approval of unsportsmanlike behavior. Managers can expect that the use of language which will in any manner refer or reflect upon opposing players, Managers, Coaches, umpires, or spectators or incite or precipitate fights or other physical confrontations will be grounds for Board action against the offending Manager, Coach, or player. The Board holds Managers ultimately accountable for the conduct of his team's fans and officials. Managers and Coaches are officials of the Park and are expected to properly represent the Park's Mission, Goals, and Values at all times.

3.11 -- Insurance Protection for Extra-League Play. The Park s insurance, to include Directors and Officers coverage, is exclusively linked to officially recognized and approved play and activities. Therefore, teams that participate in games and tournaments not sanctioned by NEP s affiliating organizations must obtain other insurance that covers their play and activities.

3.12 -- Safety. For safety and liability reasons, no persons under the age of sixteen are authorized to operate park vehicles (to include golf carts) or be inside the concession stand during its operating hours. All members of the Corporation are encouraged to stop any unsafe activity they witness or bring it to the attention of the Park Duty Officer. Board Members are specifically obliged to take swift and decisive action to prevent unsafe practices and violations of these By-Laws.

3.13 -- Preeminence of League Play. (Not applicable to Dixie Youth Baseball-affiliated leagues.) The Association encourages Coaches and Managers to pursue play in weekend and off-day tournaments and games, provided such tournaments and games do not interfere with the Association's play schedule and affiliated program by-laws. However, excessive emphasis shall not be placed on tournament play to the extent that it interferes with the proper functioning of the daily league schedule. Association games will not be canceled or postponed to allow teams to play elsewhere unless a mutual agreement between Coaches is arranged beforehand and is not contrary to the orderly completion of the league schedule. In cases where this occurs, league games will be forfeited by the offending team(s). Repetitive violations of this provision shall be grounds for sanctions imposed by the Board of Directors against the Manager of the team in question.

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