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This league uses official playing rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball. For any rules not found in Dizzy Dean Baseball, refer to the official baseball rules except those excerpted by local league option contained in these By-Laws.


1.01 -- Playing Age. Players, age 15-16, are eligible for Dizzy Dean Juniors Baseball League.


2.01 -- Re-Entry Player Compensation. The team from whence the player came will be compensated 1,000 points upon his approval to the re-entry draw by the Board of Directors provided, however, that the team has received no other points for team size or otherwise because of this player leaving the team.

2.02 -- Recruiting. Each Manager in the Juniors League may recruit up to a total of nine recruits, any of which may be In-Park or Out-of-Park Recruits. Any non-returning player who does not meet the definition of an In-Park or Out-of-Park Recruit is not eligible to be recruited and will be placed in the regular draft.

Note: A Manager must take his own child as a recruit unless the Manager indicated in writing that he desires his child to play on another team other than his own.

2.03 -- Draft Point System.

(a) Beginning Points. Each team will receive 12,000 points. Each player, whether returning player, recruit, or option shall have a value of 1000 points going into the draft. The total number of returning players, recruits, and options will be multiplied by 1000 and subtracted from the starting number of points for each team at the beginning of the draft. Points agreed upon for any player exchanges will also be added and subtracted, as appropriate.


3.01 -- Team Balancing. Teams will be balanced in number of players.

3.02 -- Age Quotas. No team may have more than eight (8) players of any one age group.


4.01 -- Time Limit. No new inning will commence after two hours and fifteen minutes has elapsed except in the case of a tie score. Tie games shall be played to a conclusion.

4.02 -- Regulation Game Defined. Games shortened by rain or darkness shall be a regulation game if four innings (three and one-half innings if home team is ahead) have been played.

4.03 -- Inning Defined. One complete inning will consist of three outs for each team.

4.04 -- Mercy Rule. The ten run rule in accordance with Dizzy Dean Official Rules in effect.

4.05 -- Participation Rule. Each player shall play 6 defensive outs and bat at least once during a game.

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