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4.01 -- Player Recruitment and Assignment. Specific provisions for player recruitment and assignment with regard to recruit allowance and draft points and other issues not covered by this rule are described in the Official Rules and Regulations for each league.

4.02 -- Rostered Players. (Not applicable to Coach Pitch and Competitive Leagues.) Players rostered (immediately after draft selection) from the previous year will automatically be assigned to the same team unless placed into the re-entry draft.

4.03 -- Out-of-Park Recruit Defined. An out-of-park recruit is a player who has not participated in the park the previous two years.

Note: Players establishing residence in the NEP District (when applicable) are considered to have satisfied the requirement when applicable sanctioning body rules are met and residence is established with the primary care-giver who resides in the NEP District. The burden of proof of residence rests with the applicant.

4.04 -- In-Park Recruit Defined. An in-park recruit is a player who participated in the park the previous year. (Rule interpretation: This rule is not intended to imply that a "recruit" can be neither in-park or out-of-park. Recruits are one or the other. This rule will be considered for revision for 1999.)

4.05 -- Recruit Registration. All recruits must be clearly designated on the player s registration form at the time of registration, and the Manager must submit, in writing, the names of all recruits to the President, Director of Equipment and Player Selection, or league Commissioner or his duly authorized representative prior to the first day of open registration for all out-of-park recruits. Failure to submit the name of the recruit registering will result in the player being placed in the regular draft.

4.06 -- Manager's/Coach's/Sponsor's Options and Privileges. (Not applicable to Competitive Leagues.) There shall not be Manager s options or privileges, Coach s options or sponsor s options. There shall be, however, an in-park younger brother/sister option in that a younger brother/sister will be placed on the same team as an older brother/sister. Parents may request that brother/sister not be placed on the same team. An out-of-park brother/sister option will be counted as an out-of-park recruit.

4.07 -- Player Re-Entry Process. (Not applicable to Coach Pitch and Competitive Leagues.) Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) may make written requests with justifiable reasons to have their child removed from the team that the child played on the year before. The written request will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval or disapproval.

(a) If approved by the Board of Directors, the player will be placed into the regular round robin draw with all other players who were not drafted or missed tryouts in the league that the child played in the prior year. If the teams fill up in the number of players or numbers in age groups established for each team before the child is drawn, then where applicable, the child will be transferred to the other league for selection. In no instance can a re-entry player be picked up as a recruit or drafted.

(b) The team from whence the player came will be compensated according to the rules of the league upon his approval to the re-entry draw by the Board of Directors provided, however, that the team has received no other points for team size or otherwise because of this player leaving his team.

4.08 -- Player Team Changes. (Not applicable to Competitive League teams.) Players changing teams in the same league that do not go through the re-entry process must have the approval of the team he is leaving, the team he is joining, and the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the league Commissioner. To help facilitate the orderly selection of Managers, a special exception is made for Managers' children playing on other teams in the league the previous year. A Manager shall be entitled to have his child play on his team even though the child played on another team in the same league the previous year provided:

(a) A player trade (limited to one per team per year) is agreeable between the two teams with the traded player s written parental consent; or

(b) A point exchange is agreed upon between the teams with the team acquiring the player giving up the agreed-to points, and the team giving up the player, acquiring the agreed-to points. If the teams cannot agree to the point exchange, then the matter is submitted to arbitration, with each team selecting one arbitrator, and the arbitrators selecting a third. All arbitration decisions are determined by a majority vote and are final. The Park President or league Commissioner, or both shall be present during arbitration.

Note: Regardless of which above method is used for the player transaction, the Manager s child shall be treated as an in-park recruit to the team acquiring said player. In order for a Manager to change leagues, all teams within the original league must have approved Managers.

4.09 -- Tryouts. (Not applicable to Competitive League teams.) Tryouts will be held for all unrecruited players at a designated time and place. These tryouts will be supervised by the league Commissioner.

4.10 -- Draft Officials. (Not applicable to Competitive League teams.) The league Commissioner, Vice President, Director of Equipment and Player Selection, or President will conduct the player draft. In any instance, the Director of Equipment and Player Selection or the President will attend each draft meeting.

4.11 -- Draft/Point System. (Not applicable to Competitive League teams.)

(a) Beginning Points. Each team participating in a draft will be issued a number of points and be assessed a value for recruits and returning players as described in that league s Rules and Regulations.

(b) Nomination and Bidding. Teams finishing last in their respective league (except in the Coach Pitch League) will make first nomination and proceed in ascending order of the previous season s win/loss record. (Ties will be determined by a coin toss.) Coach Pitch League teams will draw numbers to determine order of nomination. Minimum starting bid is 200 points. Bids are then made in a minimum of 100 point increments. No carry-over of points from any one year to the next year are allowed. During the drafting process, a team may opt to pass its turn of nomination; however, two consecutive passes will cause the team to forfeit its nomination rights.

4.12 -- Round Robin Draw. (Not applicable to Competitive League teams.) Round Robin Draw shall consist of all those players not selected in the draft, those approved through the re-entry process, and those not attending tryouts. Drawing order for round robin draw shall be as follows:

(a) The team with the fewest players shall select a player first, followed by the team with the next fewest players, and so on. In Tee Ball, teams must first select from the age group in which the team is lacking the required number of players. The selection shall be in the order determined by the previous year's win/loss record in ascending order (not applicable to the Coach Pitch League). In no case shall a team be permitted to select a player that puts the team over the maximum number of players allowed in an age group unless there are no players to be selected in another age group. If there are no players to be selected of the necessary age group, teams will select from remaining players despite age.

(b) After teams are equalized, remaining players will be selected as follows:

(1) If the remaining players to be selected are equal to or are in excess of the number of teams, each team will select a player in the order determined by previous win/loss record in ascending order.

(2) If remaining players to be selected do not equal the number of teams, then the teams may opt to select a player or pass in the order determined by the previous win/loss record in ascending order. Teams must select or pass.

(3) Then, all remaining player's names will be placed on a strip of paper so that the total number of strips of paper equal the number of teams that will select in this round. Each team will select a strip of paper in the order determined by previous win/loss record, in ascending order. Those teams selecting strips of paper with a player's name on it will add said player to his roster. All teams in this round must select.

(4) All ties in the drawing order of this section shall be resolved by a coin toss.

4.13 -- Post-Draft Trades. Immediately after draft selection Managers will have an opportunity to trade draft picks with the approval of the Commissioner, Director of Player Selection, and all Managers present in the affected league. At the end of the draft meeting, team rosters are final. However, prior to April 25 of each year, a child may be placed on another team on written approval of the parents, Manager of the departing team, Manager of the receiving team, and Commissioner and Managers of the affected league.

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