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This league uses official playing rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball. For any rules not found in Dizzy Dean Baseball, refer to the official baseball rules except those excerpted by local league option contained in these By-Laws.


1.01 -- Playing Age. Players, age 13-14, are eligible for Dizzy Dean Sophomore Competitive Baseball League.

1.02 -- Reservations to Play. Managers desiring to join the NEP Sophomore Competitive League must submit a written request by September 1 to the NEP Board of Directors for approval or disapproval. A final team roster and a $500 deposit shall be due to the NEP Board of Directors by January 1.

1.03 -- Registration Fee. Sophomore Competitive League teams will pay a lump sum registration fee of $1200. With the $500 deposit having been paid by January 1, the remaining $700 is due by March 1. This fee will constitute a fair share coverage of park and league maintenance and administration expenses, game and practice balls, umpires, facilities, etc. for league play. All fees paid to the Park are non-refundable.

1.04 -- Approval of Managers and Manager-Team Linkage. Managers of Sophomore Competitive League teams will either be approved or disapproved outright by the Board of Directors. These teams are typically built around a Manager. Disapproval of a Manager does not constitute disapproval of a team under a different Manager.


2.01 -- Recruiting. Each Manager in the Sophomore Competitive League will recruit all of his team s players by January 1.


3.01 -- League Play. The nature of the Dizzy Dean Sophomore Competitive League is to provide league games for teams who also compete with some regularity in weekend and post-season tournaments. League play is separate from tournament play. Rules governing Competitive League League play are covered by Dizzy Dean Recreational By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

3.02 -- Time Limit. No new inning will commence after two hours and fifteen minutes has elapsed except in the case of a tie score. Tie games shall be played to a conclusion.

3.03 -- Regulation Game Defined. Games shortened by rain or darkness shall be a regulation game if four innings (three and one-half innings if home team is ahead) have been played.

3.04 -- Inning Defined. One complete inning will consist of three outs for each team.

3.05 -- Mercy Rule. The ten run rule in accordance with Dizzy Dean Official Rules in effect.

3.06 -- Post-Season Tournaments. All Sophomore Competitive League teams are free to participate in post-season tournaments of their choosing and at their own expense.

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