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Section 1. Mission Statement

The Corporation's mission is to enrich the community by providing leadership, training facilities, and administration for a youth baseball and softball program (also known herein as the "program") in a manner consistent with Corporation and community values.

Section 2. Values

Section 3. Goals

A. Community. The Corporation commits to enhancing the community by providing, without profit, youth recreation activities.

B. Stewardship. The Corporation commits to managing and protecting its baseball and softball facilities (also known herein as the "ballpark" or "facility") in order to enhance the quality of its youth athletic program for the future.

C. Fiscal Responsibility. The Corporation commits to comprehensive financial planning that provides for adequate cash reserves, sound infrastructure, quality spending, and minimizing debt while operating primarily on funds raised by participants in its program and its commercial sponsors.

D. Promote Personal Safety and Property Security. The Corporation commits to promoting the personal safety of its players and fans and the security of their ballpark.

E. Promote Development of the Youth Through a Values-Based Program. The Corporation commits to promoting group participation, social contact, cooperation, loyalty, emotional control, discipline, desire, perseverance, and pressure adjustment through its values.

F. Seek Mutually Beneficial, Honest, and Fair Relationships. The Corporation commits to seeking mutually beneficial, honest, and fair relationships with its community, its government, and its customers and members.

G. Goal-Oriented Administration. The Corporation commits to keeping its Board structure, decision guidelines, and park policies simple and fair. It will agree upon precise, clear goals for the Board which will lead to accomplishment of its Mission. It will conduct itself in an ethical and professional manner.

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