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Dollars Produce NEP Improvements

2/5/98 -- The passage of the 1997 sales tax referendum, a measure supported overwhelmingly by residents in the NEP district, has produced significant improvements to the NEP Complex. Escambia County's construction of three new ballfields at the south end of the facility and the impending construction of twelve practice pods in the complex's southwest corner have given NEP a greater capacity to serve the baseball and softball needs of the community. Coming on the heels of payment of the final payment of the park's original construction, the County's involvement has enabled the NEP Board of Directors to direct funds to other park improvements.

The NEP Board of Directors also recently approved the purchase of two new batting cages for the ball park. With the existing batting cage at the park and another donated by former NEP Director and Manager Billy Johnson, the new purchase will give the park four batting cages for player use. The park will also purchase a replacement net for the existing cage. A work day will be scheduled for a date in February for construction of the cages and other park improvements. The Board has also approved the construction of a "wall ball" wall to support a game popular with local children. Also on the drawing board: a new bulletin board, new bases, and new game equipment.

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