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P. O. BOX 7033 Pensacola, Florida 32534


(New sign forms must be submitted by April 21, 1998 to receive credit for team project money.)

The Youth Association of Northeast Pensacola is a non-profit organization that operates youth baseball and softball programs at its facility located on East Nine Mile Road. The Association's mission is to enrich the community by providing leadership, training facilities, and administration for youth baseball and softball programs in a manner consistent with Corporation and community values. The Association provides competitive baseball and softball programs for children ages five to sixteen in a good, healthy environment. There are currently more than 900 boys and girls participating in our leagues.

A portion of our financial support comes from the sale of signs which will be placed on the fences around the various fields at the Park. Each sale is greatly appreciated and we thank you on behalf of the girls and boys in our program.

The Youth Association of Northeast Pensacola will provide one 32 by 48 inch sign and one season's space rental for advertising within the ball park as indicated below:

Selling Prices: New Sign -- $90 for simple lettering; $20 EXTRA for logo. Renewal Sign -- $60 if sign was purchased in a previous year (will be in inventory).

Team Name: _____________________ Today's Date: ___________________
League Name: ____________________ Buyer's Phone: __________________
Seller's Name:
(parent or child) ___________________
Buyer's Name:
(business/advertiser) ______________

Please Check One: ___New Sign -- ___Renewal Sign -- $ Amount Collected: $______________

NEW SIGNS ONLY -- Sign Content or Business Card

1. Seller must accurately complete sign form, obtain payment from buyer and submit form and payment to Sign Coordinator or Commissioner to receive credit for team project money. Some buyers may prefer to mail the forms to P. O. Box 7033.
2. The Sign Coordinator must record sign sale in database and produce sign sales reports each week for distribution to League Commissioners who track team project money raised.
3. The Sign Coordinator will assign a sequential control # to each sign form, forward payment to treasurer for deposit and file the copy of sign order form in numerical sequence. The control # will be written in the top right corner and circled. The Sign Coordinator's signature (see far right) will indicate official acceptance of the order form. Signed: __________________
4. The Sign Coordinator will check for forms for accuracy and completeness and communicate with seller/buyer before final acceptance if necessary. Each sign form will be entered into a database file for tracking. Renewal signs will be retrieved from inventory and installed on the appropriate field. New sign orders will be delivered to sign vendor in small batches and sign content will be agreed upon. New signs will be picked up as soon as possible and installed on proper fields. Sign records will be updated.
5. Questions on sign orders should be directed to Lesa Myers, Sign Coordinator, at 476-8796.

A Non-Profit Organization