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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does NEP turn a profit, break even, or lose money each year?

A: NEP derives the funding of its program from five primary sources: sponsorships, registration fees, raffle tickets, team project money, and concession sales. This past year, the park also gained the support of the Escambia County Parks and Recreation Department for improvements and upkeep of various things. (The County is building three new lighted ball fields, they're cutting our grass, they're fertilizing our fields, and they're planning to do more.) That arrangement saves the park A LOT of money and enables us to breathe a little easier at the end of the year. Without the concession stand income, the park would be cutting it close, but with it, we are able to have enough reserves to start up the next season and protect our Park from unexpected problems.

Where does the money go? We've posted the 1997 Profit/Loss Statement and an extract from the Season-ending Octobert 31, 1997 Balance Sheet. You will also find NEP's 1998 Operating Budget on this site too. (Click on the underlined hypertext above to view these reports.) You can also access these pages under the "Board of Directors icon on the Main Page.

Here's a little extra information: In 1997 NEP had 66 baseball and softball teams in its program that played roughly 20 games apiece.

In 1997, approximately $16 of your $40 registration fee paid for part of each player's uniform. That means that only $24 of that fee stayed in the park. (This policy will change in 1998. See the article on the 1998 registration fee change under the "Plans for the Future" icon on the Main Page.)

Each player is responsible for selling (or buying) $30 worth of raffle tickets. To put that into perspective, it costs us more than $30 per game to pay the umpiring crew, but let's say that the figure is $30 for the sake of this discussion. With an average of about 20 games played by each team in the park, and between 10 and 13 players on a team, each player's share of the umpiring expense is much more than that $30. If one player in the park fails to pay his raffle ticket money, the park has to find another way to pay an umpiring crew for one game.

The park currently has enough money in the bank to make start-up expenses for the upcoming season, but is budgeting to be solidly in the black by season's end. If we are successful in making that happen, look for a number of park improvements to be made. It is the intention of the Board of Directors to return any windfall advantage to the Park's customers.

The Board has a responsibility to remember that we might someday be without the assistance we currently get, so we have to insulate ourselves against that potential. However, it looks as though our current relationship with the County will continue to relieve fiscal stress here at NEP for the foreseeable future.

The NEP Board of Directors would appreciate hearing any ideas you have for improving the Park as its capacity for making those improvements continues to grow.

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