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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do the restrooms stay locked?

A: For the majority of the year, the restrooms are joined to the security system for the concession stand. At a certain hour, the security system automatically processes a fault command to ensure the system is armed. If any door is ajar or opened, the security alarm is sounded. The restrooms are assigned a separate security zone from the remainder of the concession, however, and are capable of being isolated from it. This enables us to keep the restrooms open at times when the concession zone is armed. The only remaining stumbling block is the question of vandalism and sanitation. The Board of Directors has decided to try leaving the restrooms open on a trial basis to see whether these two potential problems materialize. If they don't, that's good for all of us. If they do, then we'll be looking for Plan B. Any time the park is open for an NEP function, expect the restrooms to be open.

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