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DYB Commissioner March 22nd (#2) Letter

Dear Mr. Doss:

I'll give you credit, You can successfully dodge an issue about as well as Bill Clinton. Your "spin" on the central issue is about "as good as it gets." There is no "new" rule only a long established rule which you attempt to explain away as something that I made up. As far as where the "buck stops", it stops with you as league president who pledges to abide by the rules of any organization you affiliate with.

The complaint that the Executive Committee received in Montgomery, Alabama came in the form of a fax from the North Carolina leagues in Fayetteville, NC. The Committee received two different faxes at the Governor's House where the Executive Committee met, one from a NC national director and one from a multi-league franchise in the Fayetteville, NC area. The matter was addressed in Montgomery, AL because that is where our scheduled Executive Committee meeting was held.

I am sure that your program has no regrets about moving on because you'll probably join a program that doesn't care what you do at the local level or how it effects tournament play in their program.

Officially, you pre-empted me from enforcing any rules violation, you chose to leave our program without presenting your side of the story. You ASSUMED that you would not have a fair hearing and decided to run from the problem instead of "resolving it" .

Finally, I certainly don't believe you are naive either.


Wes Skelton

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