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DYB Commissioner March 22nd Letter

Dear Mr. Doss:

Let clear up just a few points and we'll move on from this matter:

1) thank you for acknowledging that my email to you was consistent with my ruling;

2) YANEP defined the "corner it was painted in", not me;

3) My message to Charles Kirkland was that if he or anyone else could come up with a better solution, I was willing to listen. If not the ruling which I sent him would be official.

4) The decision making was not "fragmented" and began with a complaint presented to our five member executive committee which met in Montgomery, Alabama on February 28th, NOT ON MY DESK.

5) I am not a "sheriff" as you insinuated in earlier correspondence and I will vigorously enforce the DYB rules. "Vigorously" does not mean that I will personally interview every league president in DYB. Every DYB official in our national program (152 of them) will receive my official ruling and, yes, if I have another program brought before me by any of these officials, it will receive the same scrutiny that yours did.

6) The only Florida officials that called and discussed this matter with me that expressed disagreement were Charles Kirkland and Bill Williams.

7) I discussed this proposed ruling without mentioning Pensacola was involved to approximately 12 other members of the National Board and all felt the official ruling and the notification of rules violation sanctions were appropriate. I DID NOT UNILATERALLY MAKE THESE DECISIONS WITHOUT THE ADVISE AND CONSENT OF THE EXECUTIVE MEMBERS AND NUMBEROUS OTHER NATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS;

8) The Executive Committee discussed the issue in Montgomery, AL and at the request of Charles Kirkland it was discussed again with each member of the Executive Committee, Matt Goyak at the Tennessee State Meeting on Saturday, March 7 in Nashville and with Marty Filogamo, Ken Britt and Tommy Henry on March 8 in Longview, Texas at the Texas State meeting.

9) If the 13 best players in a two league boundary are recruited into one league, it doesn't matter how many points a manager has left to select the non-all star players;\

10) If you had nothing to fear, a simple modification of your rules to limit the number of "recruits" to two or three instead of "eight" would have resolved this issue easily, but that my have blunted the intent of your rule if you have not been totally honest with me.

Hope you guys have a great year!

Wes Skelton

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