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DYB Commissioner March 13th Letter

Dear Mr. Doss:

The purpose of sending the communication to Charles Kirkland, State Director, was so that we could open a line of communication directly with you. It would have been inappropriate to mail a notice on such a matter without a personal meeting. The State Director was told that I would be happy to visit with you about an alternative solution and that I would even come to Pensacola to discuss it with you in person. If I have it ALL WRONG, its because no one attempted to provide me with the information you discussed in your most recent email.

Frankly, if you had picked the phone up and called me after receiving the information, this matter possibly could have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction. The information provided in your latest email would have been helpful to me but no one came forward with this information. And now, your telling me its too late!

Let me explain my math about 12 players over a two year period:

Year 1 12s - 4 (From Previous Years Team)
Year 1 11s - 4
Year 2 11s - 4

Total -12 (In any two year period)

If every coach had 4 picks under your system they would lose 4,000 pts. If they start with 12,000, they all begin with 8,000 to draft the remaining players. No penalty there!

My goal was to ask you to modify your player selection system not to have you leave Dixie Youth Baseball. Our officials misled you if they made you feel I was entrenched in my position. The North Carolina DYB officials and every other official felt your selection process was more liberal than intended by the DYB rules. You stated that if there was one rule about how leagues should regulate "option" players you would have abided by it. I was simply pointing out that your selection system nullified the phrase "equal opportunity" and gave you an opportunity to modify which you chose not to do.

If you feel that I have judged this situation hastily then you have more than reciprocated by presenting your board with the issue before discussing it with me. We're both guilty under your standard!

My official ruling is a good explanation of what "equal opportunity" means as far as player selection is concerned. My notification of a rules violation simply found that you did not meet the standard I expoused in the ruling. It was directed to the State Director not to league directly. I asked the State Director to give me some alternative solutions and he offered NONE. Charlie Kirkland did not tell me that he was meeting with your board and he did not tell me what he told your board. Neither District Director called me to discuss the matter.

Your rules may have not been meant to gain an "unfair advantage", however, by its inherent design the structure allowed for it. Even though the design allowed for it, it doesn't mean that it occurred and if it occurred, it could have occured inadvertently. AGAIN, I only wanted you to correct the process not accuse you of "CHEATING".

I am not sure what folks told you that I have been trying to run you off for some time but I think you've just been misled. I would have done anything to kept NEP from leaving Dixie Youth and maintained the integrity of the program. My chest is not puffed out. I am sick that you chose to leave Dixie Youth!

I am not backing off the notification of the rules violation but I told Charlie Kirkland that I was willing to visit with you folks about an alternative solution. I will vigorously enforce this rule if another park has similar rules in player selection and is unwilling to modify them to conform with the "equal opportunity" provisions of our rules. Maybe they will be willing to do that...where you were not.

I haven't nofified any Dixie Youth officials of your decision to leave Dixie Youth but will do so next week. I really thought you would attempt to work this situation out.

As you have probably concluded, there is nothing special about "Dixie Youth" unless you believe in the program. I cannot make a difference in any local league, but you CAN. Make a difference for the youth in your leagues.

Dixie Youth will miss NEP more than NEP will miss Dixie Youth. Best of luck to you and the other folks at NEP.


Wes Skelton

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