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Extract From 1997 End of Season Balance Sheet

As of October 31, 1997

Concession Acct - Regions 247.94
Dean Witter Liquid Asset 43,460.19
Regions Bank - Operating Acct 40,913,56
Total Checking/Savings 84,621.69

The Corporation also maintains fixed assets in the form of leasehold improvements and movable equipment. The Corporation currently has no liabilities, and has had none since last year.

The figures you see above reflect assets for the period ending October 31, 1997, a 56.8% increase over the previous year. The Park showed a minor profit over 1996 (keep in mind that expenses were lower in 1997 due to the assumption of some services by the Escambia County Parks and Recreation Department).

The Board of Directors intends to establish an operating deck for the assets it intends to have on- hand to cover exigencies. Assets generated above that deck will be returned to the membership in the form of Park and program improvements and/or receipt structure changes.

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